C25k Week 5

Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of our couch to 5k challenge! This week is going to be tough, but so are you!

Run Schedule

  • Day 1
    • 5 Min warm up
    • Jog for 5 min
    • Walk for 3 min
    • Jog 5 min
    • Walk 3 min
    • Jog 5 min
    • Cool Down
  • Day 2
    • 5 Min warm up
    • Jog for 8 min (or 3/4 mile)
    • Walk 5 min (or 1/2 mile)
    • Jog 8 min (or 3/4 mile)
    • Cool Down
  • Day 3
    • 5 Min warm up
    • Jog for 20 min (or 2 miles) with no walking
    • Cool Down

Note: You will see that the intervals are expressed in both time and distance. For new runners, I recommend people use time, not distance. If you would have completed C25k before and are feeling strong, you may want to try distance.

Notes / Tips for new runners:

  • OK – so Week 5… I knew this week was coming, but I never mentioned it before now. Why?
    • The 20 min run on week 5, Day 3 is stupid
    • It sucks
    • I don’t know anyone that has completed it on the first try. (Perhaps you will be the first?)

But…… it ….. works. 

Once you get past W5D3 you feel like a Greek God. Once you get past week 5, you know you are a runner. Once you get past week 5, you know you are unstoppable. 

So, how do you face it? The simple answer is “Just Do It” 🙂 

After seeing dozens of people do C25K. I think the reality is, W5D3 is 100% mental. Once you are capable of finishing W5D2, you have all you need physically to finish W5D3. Really!! 🙂 So what you need to to is trick yourself into believing you can do it!

Here are my tips for any day you get stuck on, but especially W5D3. 

  • Use the talk test to ensure you are following a sustainable pace. 
  • Use whatever mental tricks you have to convince yourself you can do it. Heck – think back the fact that 300# John got through W5D3 (after a few attempts.) Seriously, if I can do it – so can you !
  • If you fail a day, don’t beat yourself up. Do you best and try again another day. Don’t be disappointed if you have to repeat a day 4 or 5 times -that’s 100% normal. 
  • If you really get stuck – go back a day or two and focus on those days until you have them mastered then try again. 

To me, week 5 is best summarized by this quote. 

Week 5 Challenge

W5D3 is your challenge for this week. Go get it runners!

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