C25K – Week 6

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Welcome to Week 6 of our couch to 5k challenge! Hopefully you used last week to rest, recover and or catch up 🙂

Once you finish the W5D3, 20 minute run, the rest of the program is relatively easy. You will have slightly longer runs – but one you make it over that 20 minute threshold, you will know you are capable of anything.

If you are still working on Week 5, stick at it. It may take you several attempts to get past it but you can do it and once you do – move on to week 6.

Run Schedule

  • Day 1
    • 5 Min warm up
    • Jog for 5 min
    • Walk for 3 min
    • Jog 8 min
    • Walk 3 min
    • Jog 5 min
    • Cool Down
  • Day 2
    • 5 Min warm up
    • Jog for 10 min (or 1 mile)
    • Walk 3 min (or 1/4 mile)
    • Jog 10 min (or 1 mile)
    • Cool Down
  • Day 3
    • 5 Min warm up
    • Jog for 22 min (or 2 1/4 miles) with no walking
    • Cool Down

Note: Again this week, you see that the intervals are expressed in both time and distance. For new runners, I recommend people use time, not distance. If you would have completed C25k before and are feeling strong, you may want to try distance.

Notes / Tips for new runners:

Feel free and play with your pace during these longer runs. You may find it best to start slow and build, or run as fast as you can and then walk a bit. See what feels good to your body.

Expect some setbacks. You are going to have great running days and days where you want to quit – that is just the reality of being human. Don’t let it get you down.

Have you signed up for a 5k yet? If not – do it!!

Week 6 Challenge

By this point you should start becoming more aware of your body and what it is capable of. What modifications do you need to make to help running be more fun and productive? What have you learned about yourself?

Your challenge for this week is spend some time thinking about what you have learned so far on this journey and how that impacts the rest of the program. You can keep this to yourself or share it if you are comfortable doing so. You never know who you might be inspiring to give it a try.

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