Weekly Report

I am going to move my weekly report to Thursday to better accommodate the podcast. So here goes a slightly abbreviated week 1 of July.  🙂

Healthy Habits 

  • Hydration – (Green) Back on track here!
  • Nutrition – (Yellow) Much much better but not 100% there. Much better on eating at home. Tracked and reported every day as planned. Still need to work on healthy snacking and planning.
  • Exercise – (Green) Ran about 20 miles. Stayed on schedule. 
  • Sleep (Green) Back on track here.
  • Mental Health (Green) Doing well. Managing Stress well. 


  • Weekly / Monty Loss – 3 lbs

Focus for Next Week

I have a 4 day weekend this week, which is awesome but which lead me to make bad choices. I need to do well in my habits over the next 4 days to help me stay on track. 

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